Service Offerings

Analyze technical and practice readiness for EHR implementation and/or achievement of Advancing Care Information criteria. Provide Practice with a high level, standardized Practice Service Plan (PSP) to prepare Practice for key steps and roles/responsibilities in the implementation of electronic health records and/or achievement of the Advancing Care Information performance category.

Assist Practices in identifying their capacity to complete the Advancing Care Information performance category and develop a plan to address any deficiencies noted. Assist practices in collecting data appropriately so that Advancing Care Information measures are accurate and reportable.

Assist eligible Providers in producing the required evidence and attestations demonstrating completion of Advancing Care Information activities.

Assist practices and medical groups to select physician quality measures and provide hands-on assistance throughout the recording and submission process.

Assist practices with the Privacy and Security Risk Assessment and identify mitigation strategies for medium and high threat risks.

Monitor the CEHR implementation process, in conjunction with the CEHR vendor project manager. Provide high-level coaching, consultation, and troubleshooting, based on the Practice Service Plan.

Develop a high-level project schedule to prepare practice for sequencing of events including target date to achieve defined milestones, and roles/responsibilities of EHR Vendor, LEC, Service Partners, Practice, and other vendors.

Assist Providers in selecting a vendor for CEHR software and an integrated practice management system (if needed). Provide general support and high-level guidelines if the Practice chooses a vendor that is not part of the group purchasing program. If the provider has an existing EHR, analyze vendor ability to meet ONC Certification and provide recommendations for practice vendor options.

Assist providers and organizations in adapting and transitioning paper-based processes to technology-enabled processes pre and post CEHR to ensure achievement of Advancing Care Information Criteria.

Act as an intermediary between EHR vendor and lab, pharmacies, hospitals, and other data exchange partners to develop, test, and monitor interfaces.

Assist practices in upgrading hardware, network, and other devices to meet the requirements of the new CEHR system.

Identify HIE and interfaces needed to assist Practices in meeting Advancing Care Information Criteria, as necessary.

Full scope project management for the CEHR implementation and Advancing Care Information activities.

In conjunction with CEHR vendor personnel, provide consultation on system configuration and/or customization.