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Looking for a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment Services in Orange County California?

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Medical ITG’s HIPAA compliant Managed Services and professional IT Consulting offers a new way to work. We provide an effortlessly compliant IT environment completely managed by experts. The proactive service model associated with Managed Services delivers a high level of service integrity and operational reliability. Medical ITG will keep your infrastructure maintained, secure, and fully compliant. In turn, your business can focus on business growth duties, not your IT and compliance.

We strive not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of our customers. We believe that custom technology and creative solutions can provide the power to unlimited success. Our top priority is helping our customers achieve that success. Contact Medical ITG now for your HIPAA Managed Services and IT Consulting by dialing (877) 220-8774 or emailing [email protected].

HIPAA Compliance Services



We can assist you in meeting your industry’s unique data security regulations, including PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, and much more. We can conduct periodic reviews on your industry’s regulations and ensure your IT practices are aligned with those guidelines.


We can ensure your business sends timely and accurate reports to agencies. Your business can use software that captures data in an electronic format, enables quick retrieval of documents, and automatically sends reports to agencies.


We can present IT solutions that help your business meet compliance challenges and improve operational efficiency. Also, we can assist with closing compliance gaps before industry auditors drop by for an inspection.