Looking for a Medical focused IT Consulting Services in Orange County California?

Medical ITG’s HIPAA compliant Managed Services & Expert IT Consulting offers a new way to work. Our experts can create a compliant IT environment and effortlessly manage it. The proactive service model associated with Managed Services delivers a high level of service integrity and operational reliability. Medical IT Services Orange County is a professional IT services provider that specializes in helping medical practices ensure their data and systems are secure, compliant, and efficient. We provide comprehensive solutions to streamline your practice’s operations and maximize productivity. Our experienced team has the expertise to develop custom solutions tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

We strive not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of our customers. We believe that custom technology and creative solutions can provide the power to unlimited success. Our top priority is helping our customers achieve that success. Contact Medical ITG now for your HIPAA Managed Services & Expert IT Consultants by dialing (877) 220-8774 or emailing info[at]medicalitg[dot]com.

Medical IT Services Orange County

Medical IT Services Features


Medical ITG provides comprehensive HIPAA/HITECH compliance programs to ensure that your practice remains compliant with all applicable standards. Our team of experienced professionals can help you develop a robust compliance program and provide ongoing training and support to ensure that your staff is up-to-date on all requirements.


Our team can also develop custom security protocols tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice and ensure that all systems are secure. We provide security assessments to identify any vulnerabilities that may exist, as well as network monitoring services to detect threats in real-time.


Medical ITG provides comprehensive EHR solutions to help streamline your practice’s operations and maximize efficiency. We specialize in selecting and implementing the right system for each individual practice, helping you manage patient records, billing information, scheduling, and more.


Our cloud computing services make it easy to store, manage, and access your data from anywhere in the world. We can help you migrate to a cloud platform and ensure that all systems are secure and compliant.


We can assist your practice with all aspects of IT infrastructure setup and maintenance, including implementing new hardware and software solutions, as well as providing end user support. From servers to networks to desktops, our experienced professionals have the skills needed to ensure your IT infrastructure is efficient and reliable at all times.


We can help you select and implement the right practice management software for your needs, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team is well-versed in a variety of systems, so we can provide tailored advice to ensure you get the most out of your software solution.


We provide comprehensive help desk support services for medical practices of any size. Our team is available 24/7 to address all of your IT issues and ensure that every issue is resolved quickly and effectively.


Our experienced professionals have the expertise needed to implement reliable backup solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice. We can also develop custom recovery plans so you’re always prepared in case of an emergency or disaster.


Medical ITG provides managed IT services to help you manage and maintain all of your systems with minimal effort. We provide ongoing system monitoring, proactive maintenance, and the ability to scale as needed so your practice can run smoothly at all times.


We also provide comprehensive staff training to ensure that everyone in your practice is familiar with how to use any new systems or software solutions that are implemented. Our experienced team can develop courses tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual practice and maximize efficiency throughout the organization.


Medical ITG can help you develop a comprehensive business continuity plan to ensure that systems remain available and secure in the event of an emergency or disaster. Our team is experienced in developing custom plans tailored to meet the needs of your practice, so you’re always prepared for any scenario.


We also provide comprehensive disaster recovery solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual practice. Our experienced professionals can develop customized strategies to ensure that data and systems are recovered quickly and securely if an incident does occur.