Looking for a Medical focused IT Consulting in Orange County California?

Medical ITG is an IT services company focused on the medical industry. We provide expert IT support, HIPAA compliance, and technology consulting. Medical IT Consulting team of experienced professionals are dedicated to providing customized solutions based on each client’s unique needs. With our expertise in healthcare technology and clinical processes, you can be confident that your organization will have the best resources available.

We can help your practice use technology to run a more profitable, compliant, and competitive business. Your organization can realize its growth potential by aligning technology with your business goals. Our highly certified Chief Information Officers (CIOs) will provide crucial executive IT and compliance leadership by ensuring projects are delivered to your specifications. We strive not only to meet but to exceed the expectations of our customers.

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Medical IT Consulting Orange County

Medical IT Consulting Features


Medical ITG provides comprehensive HIPAA compliance programs to ensure that your practice remains compliant with all applicable standards. Our team of experienced professionals can help you develop a robust compliance program and provide ongoing training and support to ensure that your staff is up-to-date on all requirements.


Our IT consulting services can help you increase productivity and efficiency through advanced system integrations, automation tools, and process optimization techniques. We can provide comprehensive solutions to streamline your workflow so that you can maximize the quality of care and provide faster turnaround times for patients.


Medical ITG offers cloud migration and management services to help you transition your business processes to the cloud. Our experts can assist with the development of a customized strategy to ensure that your data is secure and easily accessible from any device.


Medical ITG will ensure your technology focuses on your core business model by creating a strategic technology plan. This plan will include your business goals, business processes, IT asset identification, budgetary constraints, and functions of your IT systems.


Medical ITG will make the most out of your IT budget by consolidating the number of technology services your business uses, including internet, hardware, and software. We’ll also guide your business to the right IT investments to ensure maximum ROI.


Medical ITG only works with highly trained individuals with IT industry experience. Our technicians are certified by IT industry leaders, such as Microsoft, Dell, and VMware. We can guide your business on a project or ongoing basis.


We provide comprehensive risk management and business continuity services to ensure that your practice is prepared for any emergency. Our team can help you develop effective strategies to mitigate risks and ensure that your operations continue without interruption in the event of a disaster.


Our Healthcare focused Project Managers will lead, organize, and manage your IT projects from start to finish. The Project Manager will be the point of contact for your business and partners. Medical ITG will ensure projects are delivered to your specifications by adhering to the project scope and timeline.


Medical ITG will analyze your business practices and find the best methods for improving workflow and communications. For example, we can replace outdated software with cloud solutions using new time-saving features. This can result in increased worker productivity and enhanced business collaboration.


Medical ITG will conduct a full audit of your IT systems, including searches for any vulnerabilities that require attention. From there, we’ll determine the technology needs of your business by interviewing your internal stakeholders and then presenting findings and recommendations.


Medical ITG will create a technology roadmap that can sustain repeatable service levels and save thousands in maintenance. We will figure out the most vital technology products and services, then implement them into the infrastructure. Our plans will take advantage of existing IT resources and invest in business growth technologies.


Medical ITG provides comprehensive EHR solutions to help streamline your practice’s operations and maximize efficiency. We specialize in selecting and implementing the right system for each individual practice, helping you manage patient records, billing information, scheduling, and more.