Managed IoT Services

Medical devices with smart sensors allow physicians to improve the way they deliver care. Patients can interact with physicians more, cut visits for routine checks, and participate more proactively in preventative care. However, running, monitoring, and managing a fleet of internet-connected devices can be a challenge. Also, cybersecurity tends to be an afterthought with these devices. These dangers cannot be ignored, as hackers can install malware that steals private data, and make the devices inoperable. Medical ITG can help your practice deploy and maintain your internet-connected medical devices with our Managed IoT services.

Examples of IoT devices used in the medical industry:

  • Physiological monitors: Weighing Scales, Pulse Oximeter, BP meter, ECG, Rate Monitors
  • Mobile Medical Apps: Medication Adherence Systems, Dosage Calculation Systems
  • Wearables: Activity Tracker, Pedometer, Sleep Apnea Detector
    Capital Intensive Devices: Implants, Prostheses, MRI/CT/Ultrasound Scanners
  • IVD Devices: Blood Analyzers, Immuno-Assays, Breast Biopsy Equipment, HIV Detection Systems

Challenges with Medical IoT Solutions:

  • Maintaining strong network bandwidth when multiple devices are connected
  • Separate devices not communicating with each other
  • Unknown security and compliance risks with each device
  • Managing massive amounts of sensor data
  • Managing changes to the device software
  • Lack of EHR integration with the devices

Services offered in our Managed IoT solution:

  • IoT assessment, including a review of use in your practice, device discovery, risk assessment, and expert recommendations
  • Device management, including software upgrades, physical management, remote diagnostics, incident response
  • Device security, including antivirus protection, vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, and encryption
  • Network management, including configuration, optimization, monitoring, maintenance, and support
  • Backup and storage of device data
  • Setup, monitoring, and remediation of analytics software
  • Integration with an EHR system
  • Asset management and inventory
  • 24/7 support by phone, email, and live chat

For more information about our Managed IoT services, you can contact Medical ITG at 877-220-8774 or [email protected]