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Medical ITG is a premier company that provides IT Support for Dentists practices with reliable, affordable and convenient support for all their computer needs. We specialize in the healthcare/medical industry providing experts who understand both compliance requirements as well as patient care technology to help you run your office more efficiently while still meeting quality standards set forth by law, a top priority at Medical ITG, which services clients from coast-to-coast across North America

Medical ITG can help your practice use technology to run a more profitable, compliant and competitive business. By outsourcing for Dental Office’s IT support with us you will no longer have worry about the small problems or hear complaints from staff on slow service when using their own equipment in-house. Our highly certified Chief Information Officers (CIOs) manage accounts like it was one of top 100 enterprises regardless if they are large or small; we strive not only meet expectations but exceed them!

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Medical ITG will ensure your technology focuses on your core business model by creating a strategic technology plan. This plan will include your business goals, business processes, IT asset identification, budgetary constraints, and functions of your IT systems.


Medical ITG will make the most out of your IT budget by consolidating the number of technology services your business uses, including internet, hardware, and software. We’ll also guide your business to the right IT investments to ensure maximum ROI.


Medical ITG only works with highly trained individuals with IT industry experience. Our technicians are certified by IT industry leaders, such as Microsoft, Dell, and VMware. We can guide your business on a project or ongoing basis.


Medical ITG will manage risk by helping your business develop a business continuity plan, which includes a business impact analysis and disaster recovery plan. We’ll also help your business create policies and procedures for technology use. Additionally, we’ll provide support for industry data security compliance standards for HIPAA, FISMA, PCI, and SOX.


Our Healthcare focused Project Managers will lead, organize, and manage your IT projects from start to finish. The Project Manager will be the point of contact for your business and partners. Medical ITG will ensure projects are delivered to your specifications by adhering to the project scope and timeline.


Medical ITG will analyze your business practices and find the best methods for improving workflow and communications. For example, outdated software can be replaced with cloud solutions with new time-saving features. This can result in increased worker productivity and enhanced business collaboration.


Medical ITG will conduct a full audit of your IT systems, including searches for any vulnerabilities that require attention. From there, we’ll determine the technology needs of your business by interviewing your internal stakeholders and then presenting findings and recommendations.


Medical ITG will create a technology roadmap that can sustain repeatable service levels and save thousands in maintenance. We will figure out the most vital technology products and services, then implement them into the infrastructure. Our plans will take advantage of existing IT resources and invest in business growth technologies.


Medical ITG will assist your business by choosing the most suitable and cost-effective technology solutions available. You will be able to take advantage of our partner perks and discounts. Our consultants will even speak to vendor representatives on your behalf, whether it’s for purchasing, billing, or equipment repairs.

IT Support for Dentists

Do you have your current Business Associate Agreements (BAs) modified as of September 22nd, 2014?

By September 22, 2014, covered dental practices must update all business associate agreements that they entered on or before January 24, 2013, and that they did not change or renew after that date (if they changed or renewed, the September 23, 2013 date applies). Oral agreements: if a dental practice does not have a written business associate agreement in place with a business associate, the dental practice must enter into a compliant written agreement without delay.

So, what does this mean for your Dental Practice? How are you supposed to find the time to get all these agreements signed let alone typed up with the correct wording that does not hold you liable for a security breach? Simple – we do all the leg work. We will do a Risk Assessment and let you know which BAs see PHI. In turn, you will give them your personalized BA agreement to sign. Sounds easy right? It is. However, by not following HIPAA by the September 22nd deadline, you are in direct violation and can face fines up to $1.5 million. Will you get fined if you do not have the BA agreements? Technically no, but if there was a breach and the auditor found you did not have an agreement with a BA responsible for the breach, then you would be liable. You could also be fined and sued for not taking the proper precautions.