Dedicated to Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance for Healthcare Providers

Our solutions can help you run your practice more smoothly and securely.


Using our innovative options in HIPAA Compliance, HIPAA/HITECH/OMNIBUS Policies and Procedures, and EHR Consulting, Medical ITG realizes the technology it requires to be successful in today’s medical industry.


Cybersecurity is important in every industry, but only a few industries are regulated for it. HIPAA compliance require the provider take certain steps for ensuring compliance, MedicalITG can help you reach and maintain compliance.


MedicalITG offers a variety of high performance, best in class, IT Services specifically build with HIPAA compliance in mind. Take the guess work out of your applications and IT environment, work with MedicalITG.

Commitment to Compliance

Responsibility for patient care and office efficiency falls on the shoulders of healthcare practice owners, who must also navigate industry requirements that constantly evolve, such as HIPAA compliance and MIPS reporting. This affects any business that holds Patient Health Information (PHI).

Physicians and Dental

HIPAA compliance crucial for safeguarding patient data privacy and security.

Hospitals and Clinics

HIPAA compliance essential for protecting patient privacy and maintaining data security.

Medical Billing and Coding

HIPAA compliance important for ensuring patient data confidentiality and security.

Mental Health

HIPAA compliance required for safeguarding patient privacy and confidentiality.

Laboratories and Diagnostic Centers

HIPAA compliance vital for ensuring patient data privacy and security.

Medical Device Manufactures

HIPAA compliance required for protecting patient data confidentiality and security.


HIPAA compliance necessary for protecting sensitive patient data.

Home Healthcare

HIPAA compliance vital for protecting patient privacy and data security.

Telemedicine and Mobile Health Apps

HIPAA compliance necessary for protecting patient privacy and data security.

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Our Capabilities:

HIPAA Compliance


We assist in matters related to HIPAA and HIPAA IT Compliance. Our knowledgeable staff can analyze existing processes for gaps, including IT aspects such as User Administration processes.



We offer powerful and unique cybersecurity solutions specifically for the healthcare and medical industry. Our top notch offerings such as EDR, MDR, and Black Hole technology provide some of the best security available in the world.

Security Risk Assessment


We offer Security Risk Assessments on request as well as assistance with internal Security Risk Assessments.

Compliance Training


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HIPAA Compliant IT Services


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Cybersecurity is a serious risk

We offer multiple services to deal with cybersecurity in a effective and efficient manner.
MedicalITG Cyber Titan

MedicalITG Cyber Titan

Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection & Response

Security Operations Platform

Security Operations Platform

Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed Endpoint Protection


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